Rafael Villaurrutia Arenas,

  • Physicist by University of Mexico
  • Master of Science by University of Mexico.
  • PhD on Physics on University of Glasgow, UK.
  • Postdoc position at University of Sheffield, UK
  • Postdoc position at Instituto Politécnico Nacional MÉXICO.
  • Applications Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific – MSD EM.

Materials analysis and modifications with Ion and electron beam

Rafael Villaurrutia Arenas

Thermo Fisher Scientific.   

The recent challenges in materials science and engineering are the origins of a huge family of new materials with outstanding properties with the opportunity of multiple technological applications. Such a progress in research and applications brings along a tremendous technological advance in materials characterization instrumentation. In fact, the technological advances in characterization techniques give rise to the discovery of new materials characteristics and properties and vice versa. In this talk we will present the state of the art in materials characterization and modifications, using Ion and electron beam in order to study and increase the potentials of the new family of functional materials. We present some of the more recent experiments on such materials for multiple applications