Marco A. Colosio, Metallurgist engineer, Marco A. Colosio, doctorate in materials at the Nuclear and Energy Research Institute - IPEN, post-doctoral at the School of Engineering - University of São Paulo - São Carlos campus - EESC. He has with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive sector in the areas of materials engineering. Currently he is technical manager of Product Engineering in General Motors - Brazil, lecturer at the Santo André Foundation - FSA in materials engineering. He has recently nominated director of the SAE BRASIL - SP Chapter, acting in the area of technology with focus on research and development, author of studies and facilitator of scientific initiatives within universities and institutes.

Continuing necessity of application of new materials and manufacturing technologies to the automotive field

Marco A. Colosio

General Motors / SAE BRASIL

The continuing necessity in application of new materials and processes has contributed to the growth in R&D areas and requires many research efforts from universities and institutes. In this sense, it is intended to address the current situation of materials and processes of the Brazilian automotive sector in view of the global evolution, visualizing the lagging behind of our companies and the opportunities present in this field. Areas such as welding and joining, processing of ultra high strength steels - UHSS, the intensive use of aluminum and the increasing demand in the use of composites are the main points of this discussion, as well as the development of the additive manufacturing technology within medium to long term scenarios.